Kingsville reports currently available:

REI2011D006 - No. 5 Drain (Robert Vermeulen Bridge)

REI2011D014 - 4th Concession Drain Lots 1-6 W.D. (D08-035)

REI2011D021 - East Ruthven Drain (D08-037)

REI2011D026 - Henderson Drain (Sykes Bridge)

REI2011D027 - Moon Drain (Updated Maintenance Schedule)

REI2011D028 - 4th Concession Bridge Lane Drain (Updated Maintenance Schedule)

REI2011D042 - 11th Concession Drain West of Belle River (Holman Bridge Replacement)

REI2011D055 - Patricia Blvd Drain Outlet Improvements (D09-036)

REI2011D061 - Union Water Drain (D10-002)

REI2011D064 - Luxford (D09-037)

REI2012D001 - Fox-Jakait Drain

REI2012D006 - 2nd Concession Drain (Mastronardi Bridge)

REI2012D016 - Middleton & Upcott Drain Maintenance (D08-003)

REI2012D022 - Esseltine Drain Enclosure - D08-021 (Tony & Michelle DiMenna)

REI2013D023 - Union Water Auxiliary Drainage (D13-024)

REI2014D001 - Irwin Drain (Replacement Bridge)

REI2014D002 - 4th Concession Drain L1-6 W.D. (Welker Bridge)

REI2014D007 - West Front Road Drain

REI2014D010 - Billings Drain & Branches (Bridge Sharing)

REI2014D027 - Cottam Storm Water Study (Crozierbaird)

REI2014D028 - Esseltine Drain Study (D14-020)

REI2014D032 - 8th Concession Road Drain (Bertram Bridge Inspection)

REI2014D034 - Maddox Drain

REI2014D035 - Heritage Road Drain

REI2015D008 - 11th Concession Drain East of Belle River Drain (Baker Bridge)

REI2015D012 - Irwin Drain (Griffin Bridge)

REI2015D013 - Ruscom River Drain Bank Protection

REI2015D019 - Henderson Drain & Branches (Maintenance Schedule)

REI2015D020 - 11th Concession Drain West of Belle River Drain (Trimble Bridges)

REI2016D006 - North Townline Drain East of Belle River (Suburban Bridge)

REI2016D019 - Wigle Creek (Altenhof Culvert Improvement)

REI2016D049 - Loyst Drain (Porter & Totten Br)

REI2017D018 - 8th Concession Road Drain (Sandor Bridge Inspection)

Please contact Rood Engineering to request a copy of any of the reports listed. 


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