Leamington reports currently available:

REI2011D002 - Setterington Drain Maintenance Schedule (D10-010)

REI2011D003 - Highway Number 3 Drain & Branches & Sidney Leslie Drain & South Branch (D07-005)

REI2011D004 - Silver Creek Drain - 10th Concession Branch (D11-006)

REI2011D005 - Jacob Fox Drain Section 65 Report (D11-007)

REI2011D009 - Highway 77 Drain Branches (D07-028)

REI2011D010 - Reid Drain West Branch Section 65 Report (D11-009)

REI2011D011 - Robert Anderson Drain Section 65 Report (D11-013)

REI2011D012 - Big Creek Drain 9th Concession Branch Section 65 Report (D11-008)

REI2011D017 - 4th Concession Road Drain Relocation (D10-023)

REI2011D018 - Jefferson Wiper Drain Section 65 Report (D11-010)

REI2011D019 - Lundy Drain Section 65 Report (D11-011)

REI2011D025 - Kent Road 1 Drain (D10-009)

REI2011D030 - 4th Concession Road Drain Section 65 Report (D11-015)

REI2011D031 - 5th Concession Road Drain

REI2011D032 - Murray Smith Drain

REI2011D041 - Dresser Drain Section 65 Report (D11-018)

REI2011D043 - Silver Creek Drain Section 65 Report (D11-020)

REI2011D044 - Judson Morse Drain - Retaining Wall

REI2011D045 - Lapos Drain - CSP Replacement

REI2011D050 - Sturgeon Creek Drain Section 65 Report (D11-021)

REI2011D058 - Lebo Creek Branches Maintenance Schedules (D09-046)

REI2011D063 - Stevenson Drain Stein Bridge (D10-014)

REI2011D066 - Kovinsky Drain (Williams & Georges Bridges)

REI2012D004 - East Ogle Drain

REI2012D007 - Dresser Drain Section 65 Report (Grace Family Farms)(D12-006)

REI2012D008 - McLeod Drain Section 65 Report (Huy Farms)(D11-026)

REI2012D009 - Sturgeon Creek Retaining Wall (46 Cedar Drive)

REI2012D010 - Big Creek Drain (Reinbold Access)

REI2012D013 - Dick Pumping System Abandonment

REI2012D015 - Beacom Drain - Dundee Energy Bridge at Trepanier Parcel

REI2012D024 - East Marsh Drainage Scheme (Petryschuk Bridge)

REI2013D001 - 4th Concession Road Drain Section 65 Report (Barrineti Parcel)

REI2013D008 - 1st Concession Road Drain East (Tiessen Bridges)

REI2013D026 - 1st Concession Road Drain East (Updated Assessment Schedule)

REI2014D006 - 4th Concession Road Drain (Barrineti Bridge)

REI2014D018 - McQueen Drain (Section 65 Report)


REI2015D018 - John Leslie Drain (DeGoey Bridge)

REI2015D026 - Mersea Road E Dyke Inspection

REI2015D028 - Gillanders Drain West Branch

REI2015D037 - 1st Concession Road Drain East (Tiessen Bridge)

REI2016D007 - Sloan Drain Maintenance Schedule

REI2016D044 - William James Drain (Wilkinson Bridge)

REI2017D006 - 1st Concession Road Drain East & 2nd Concession Road Drain (Fulmer Section 65 Report)

REI2017D023 - Bruner Lane Drainage


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