Lakeshore reports currently available:

REI2011D022 - East Pike Creek Drain (Town and County Park) D09-009

REI2011D024 - Fuerth Drain (D09-025)

REI2011D029 - Talbot Road South Drain (D06-006)

REI2011D036 - Rivard Drain (Trepanier Bridge)

REI2011D046 - Russell Road Drainage System

REI2011D048 - Government Drain #4 & 11th Concession Bridge Alexander Drain

REI2011D049 - St. Clair Pump

REI2011D059 - Cleophas Caza Drain

REI2011D065 - Dupuis Drain Auxiliary Pump

REI2013D015 - 10th Concession Drain (MN 794 & 892 Bridges)

REI2014D005 - Willie Mailloux Drain (Farm Bridge)

REI2014D008 - Dupuis Drain (Comartin Bridge)

REI2014D016 - 4th Concession Drain West Branch (Chauvin Bridge)

REI2014D021 - 6th Concession Drain North of Middle Road

REI2014D023 - 5th Concession Road Drain Bridges

REI2014D026 - Tecumseh Road Drain (Uruski Enclosure)

REI2015D001 - Middle Road Drain Extension Branches

REI2015D002 - Elgin Smith Drain (Olson Bridge)

REI2015D006 - West 2nd Concession North of County Road 46 Drain (McQueen Bridge)

REI2015D014 - Levasseur Drain (Mike Mailloux Farms Notice)

REI2015D029 - Keith Drain (Lansue Bridge)

REI2015D039 - Leffler Drain (Debrob Bridges)

REI2015D040 - Little Baseline Road Drain East (Debrob Bridge)

REI2016D009 - East Malden Road Drain (Decaire Bridge)

REI2016D010 - Halliday Drain (Trudell Bridge)

REI2016D021 - Tecumseh Road Drain (North Branch)

REI2016D029 - St. Clair Road Drain (Perdu Enclosure)

REI2016D030 - Armstrong-Brown Drain (CR-122 Fenner Bridge)

REI2016D031 - Doran Drain (CR-078 Jumarce Holdings Bridge)

REI2016D032 - Dupuis Drain (CR-095 Schwab Bridge)

REI2016D033 - Baseline Drain (CR-052 County of Essex Bridge)

REI2016D034 - 4th Concession Drain - RC (CR-079 Guilbeault Farms Bridge)

REI2016D035 - Dupuis Drain (CR-050 Lajoie Bridge)

REI2016D036 - 6th Concession Drain (CR-083 Schiller (Ash River Farms) Bridge)

REI2016D037 - Lacharite Drain (CR-089 Magdalena Farms Bridge)

REI2016D038 - West Goulet Drain (CR-092 Beneteau Bridge)

REI2016D039 - Marentette Drain (CR-090 Ilene Lanoue Bridge)

REI2016D040 - Tisdelle Drain (CR-057 Gerard Lanoue Bridge)

REI2016D041 - Doran Drain (CR-051 Byrne Bridge)

REI2016D043 - 2nd Concession Road Drain East Side (CR-072 Strong Bridge & CR-074 Tracey Bridge)

REI2016D051 - 4th Concession Drain - MS (Lavin Bridge)

REI2016D052 - Manning Road Drain (Ramandeep Dhaliwal)

REI2016D053 - Marentette Drain (Henry & Nancy Janzen)

REI2016D054 - 3rd Concession Road Drain (Olson & O'Reilley Bridge)

REI2016D056 - Lebert-Sauve Drain (CR-109 Barrette Bridge)

REI2016D057 - West 2nd Concession North of County Road 46 Drain (J&J Lajoie)

REI2016D060 - Wilson, Quinlan, Wismer & Arch Taylor Drain (Lesperance)

REI2017D026 - Minney Drain (West Belle River Road)

REI2018D002 - Puce Road Drain West Side (Kelch Bridge)

REI2018D011 - Caza Drain RC (Susan Will Bridge)

REI2018D016 - Rochester-Tilbury North Townline Drain #1 (Trepanier-Armstrong Bridge)

REI2018D017 - Willie Mailloux Drain (Bernard Bridge)

REI2018D018 - Ellis Drain (Thomas Bridge)

REI2018D019 - Bellemore Drain (Lassaline Bridge)

REI2018D030 - Tecumseh Road Drain (Cheung Bridge)

REI2018D032 - 5th Concession Road Drain TN (Romney Wind - Courey Bridge)


REI2019D012 - Buchanan-Fenner Drain (Buchanan Bridge)

REI2019D014 - Talbot Road South Drain (MN 720 Bridge)

REI2019D018 - North Talbot Road Bridge Union Drain (Sylvestre Bridge)

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